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First Dental Visit Free For Kids Under 2

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Healthy Smiles Start Early


Your Best Smile At Any Age

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First Visit Is Free For Kids Under 2

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Your Best Smile At Any Age

Growing and Grinning

Healthy Smiles Start Early

Meet Your Doctors

Meet Dr. Cory Grathwol and Dr. Nicole Gange – a husband and wife dental team who are passionate about creating healthy teeth and fabulous smiles!

Dr. Cory provides dentistry for children up to age 18. Patients with special needs are seen at any age based on parent and patient preferences.

  Dr. Nicole offers orthodontic treatment for the whole family, with braces or Invisalign available for children, teens, or adults.

Pediatric Dentistry

The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child sees a pediatric dentist when their first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday.


Having straighter teeth isn’t just about looking and feeling your confident best. When your teeth are straight, it’s a lot easier to keep them clean with regular brushing and flossing.

A Dental Love Story Worth Smiling About

Dr. Cory and Dr. Nicole met on the campus of Midwestern University in the quaint town of Downers Grove. These two smile nerds were dental school classmates, and actually interviewed on the same day prior to starting dental school! Dr. Nicole claims she doesn’t remember Dr. Cory at her interview, Dr. Cory still thinks she’s bluffing. 

With persistence, and multiple requests for study sessions with Dr. Nicole, Dr. Cory finally got his chance, and it was instant smile chemistry. Dr. Nicole was not a fan of human anatomy lab in dental school, and Dr. Cory helped her gets past the awful smell of formaldehyde and a weak stomach. The rest, as they say, is history.

Things were getting serious for these lovebirds and they decided to apply to their specialty residencies together. After traveling all over the country for multiple interviews, they decided that Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio was their top choice for residency.

Fun fact: Dr. Nicole found out she matched at Case Western almost two months before Dr. Cory, who was left to sweat it out day after day until the pediatric dental match was announced. Special note: They matched at the same program – an incredibly rare feat for specialist couples!

Fun fact #2: Dr. Cory is an Ohio sports fanatic. While they were in Cleveland together, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship and the Cleveland Indians lost to the Chicago Cubs in the most epic 7-game series to ever exist. Dr. Cory still thanks Dr. Nicole for bringing the good luck to all Ohio sports fans.

While Cleveland will always be one of their absolute favorite cities, they decided to move back to the Chicago suburbs to get married and begin a family. Their beautiful daughter Evie was born in January of this year! Dr. Cory and Dr. Nicole are honored and excited to be working together to create healthy and beautiful smiles in the Naperville community.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the G&G family!