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Smile Stars: Celebrating Braces in Pop Culture History

March 15, 2024

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Katy Perry smiling with braces in T.G.I.F

From all corners of the web, there has been a call for representation of all kinds. As studios and artists listen, screens around the world have been gifted with all types of characters. It’s important for a child to be empowered regardless of their circumstances, even with something as simple as braces. If your young one is having a hard time finding a silver lining with their braces, they may need inspiration. Read on to find great characters and moments where “metal mouths” took center stage.


Understanding Why Teeth Shift & How You Should Correct Them

February 24, 2024

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Someone with a crooked smile

Have you ever noticed subtle changes in the alignment of your teeth over time? Perhaps you’ve experienced teeth shifting after wearing braces or just naturally as you age. Shifting teeth can be a cause for concern, impacting not only your smile but also your oral health. Understanding why teeth shift and the options available to correct them is crucial for maintaining a healthy and confident smile.


Teeth Talk 101: Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?

February 9, 2024

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As a parent, ensuring your child’s dental health is one of about a hundred top priorities. It can be difficult to find time to get to them all, which is why preventive care is so important!  Among the many ways you can protect your little one’s pearly whites, fluoride treatments are one of the simplest. However, many still aren’t sure of fluoride and its safety for kids.

If you want to learn more about fluoride and how it can safeguard your child’s smile, continue reading.


What’s the Best Way to Brush My Child’s Teeth?

January 19, 2024

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Chlid smiles

Practicing proper oral hygiene habits early on can make the difference between a lifetime of excellent oral health and decades of painful dental problems. While it’s easy for adults to brush their teeth in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed, it may require no small amount of effort to convince a toddler to take proper care of their teeth. Here’s a brief guide to what you can do to encourage your child to adopt proper oral hygiene habits and maintain a healthy smile for life.


How Can I Prevent Orthodontic Emergencies?

January 12, 2024

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Woman has oral pain

Orthodontic treatments have helped many people have straighter, healthier smiles while also resolving neck pain and headaches caused by poor teeth alignment. While orthodontic emergencies happen from time to time, they are rare and can be avoided with the proper precautions. Here’s a brief guide to what constitutes an orthodontic emergency, how they can prevented, and how they can be dealt with if they happen.


Celebrating a Century of Progress: The History of Pediatric Dentistry

December 29, 2023

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A child high-fiving her dentist at her pediatric dentistry appointment

People have always been fascinated by teeth and the science involved in fixing them. For over 5000 years, dentistry has been practiced in one way or another. However, pediatric dentistry specifically for children is a relatively new concept.

To celebrate over a century of progress, it may be time to look back on how it all began. Keep reading to learn the history of pediatric dentistry.


Mini Dentists in Training: Educational and Fun Dentist-Themed Toys

December 15, 2023

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A group of kids holding dentist-themed toys

Kids play to learn about their surroundings and put themselves into a new perspective. Whether they want to be an astronaut, a dinosaur, or a rancher, there’s a wealth of toys and accessories available for them to live their dream. But what if they want to be a dentist? As it turns out, they’re in luck!

Read on to find three dentist-themed toys that could pique their interest and teach them some skills.


Oral Hygiene Guide for Children with Special Needs

November 13, 2023

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parent helping child with special needs dentistry

Caring for the oral health of children with special needs presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to the routine of brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Due to emotional, behavioral, physical, or intellectual disabilities, these children may encounter difficulties in remembering or executing these tasks independently. Additional assistance may be necessary to ensure their teeth are properly cleaned. Explore four helpful tips for maintaining the oral health of children with special needs through specialized dentistry.


4 Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Are Perfect for Kids with Braces

November 1, 2023

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person putting wrapped Christmas gift in stocking

With the holiday season approaching, you may be contemplating ways to bring joy to your child, especially if they have braces. It might be a bit challenging to find items for the tree or stocking that won’t interfere with their orthodontic journey but will still bring a smile to their face. Here are four fantastic stocking stuffer ideas that are braces-friendly and sure to delight your child.


Stop Scary Cavities in Their Tracks This Halloween

October 30, 2023

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a child holding a Halloween bucket full of candy

As a parent, Halloween can simultaneously be the most fun and worrisome time of year. On one hand, you will get to see your child dress up and have a blast trick-or-treating, and on the other, they will have access to a mountain of sweets afterward! Not only does this mean dealing with spurts of sugar-fueled energy, but it can also lead to oral health problems linked to sweets, like cavities. Read on to learn how you can stop decay in its tracks and keep your favorite smile healthy.

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